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Progar & Company, P.A. CPAs

Tax & Accounting Services

Progar & Company, P.A. provides the tax and accounting services that most businesses and individuals need.  Listed below are descriptions of the main categories of services provided.  For information on the Payroll Professionals Service Bureau, please click here.

A Quick Index to the description of each service:

 Income Tax Return Preparation

We prepare all types of Federal and state income tax returns.

All returns are prepared by the professional accounting staff at Progar & Company, P.A.

All of these returns are personally reviewed for correctness and tax issues by Gary Alan Progar, CPA.  Mr. Progar has over 20 years of experience in reviewing tax returns and has his Master's of Science degree in Taxation.  This degree is specialized in taxation and is not just a general accounting degree, such as an M.S. in Accounting.

Some of the types of returns (and their state equivalent) that we routinely prepare are:

  • Individual tax returns (Federal Form 1040)
  • C-Corporation tax returns (Federal Form 1120)
  • S-Corporation tax returns (Federal Form 1120S)
  • Partnership tax returns (Federal Form 1065)
  • Charity and other Tax Exempt returns (Federal Form 990)
  • Pension returns (Federal Form 5500)
  • Fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts (Federal Form 1041)
  • Estate tax returns (Federal Form 706)

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Business Accounting Solutions

We can assist you in choosing and implementing an accounting solution for your business.  Different businesses have different needs and we can help you with the right fit.  Generally, most accounting systems fall somewhere between the two listed below.

  • Manual Systems

These systems typically involve the business owner or an employee manually writing checks and entering deposits.  We can show you how to do this and come up with a work product that is accountant friendly.  We have invested in software and a system to take this information and prepare the working papers necessary to do your business tax return and financial statements if needed.

These systems involve using a computer accounting software to enter transactions, do billing, write checks and record deposits.  We recommend Quickbooks for this purpose as it is flexible enough to handle most small businesses.  We can set this up for you and train you in the use of the software.

We typically recommend a program of maintenance where we visit you at least twice a year.  Our after tax season visit is used to adjust your books to the correct starting point based on the previous year's tax return filed.  We also look for current issues for correction and training purposes.  Later in the year, we do the same, except with an eye towards year end tax planning and getting you ready to have the coming year's tax return prepared.

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Tax Planning and Projections

Tax planning and projections are done for different reasons.  A few examples follow.

  • It could be done as a routine year end projection for a business with income that varies from year to year.  The business owner or owners would be looking to minimize taxes without over paying.
  • A business or individual may have a one-time event such as a sale of property, purchase or sale of a business.
  • A client could be concerned about the effect of a new tax law that he or she wants to take advantage of or minimize the negative effects of.
  • A client considering retirement could be faced with a number of changes and questions about those changes.

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Tax Consulting

There are many tax topics that could be covered.  Some examples follow.

  • A person is offered a large sum of money for a parcel of real estate owned for many years.  We can consult on this in several respects.
    • Determine the least legal amount of gain that must be reported by including all allowable costs.
    • Determine if taxes could or should be spread out over a period of years through the use of an installment sale.
    • Advise of the possibility of reduced or no tax through the use of a like kind exchange for other property.
  • There are many estate and gift questions that might be asked.
  • New tax laws crop up almost every year.  What do they mean to you?
  • Is this a good time to purchase that vehicle or piece of equipment I have my eye on?

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Financial Statements

Your bank may require a financial statement to get a loan or to maintain one.  We can help fill this need.  Some companies like to receive periodic financial statements to see how they are doing and to compare them to previous financial statements.  We can prepare financial statements for your business, with or without footnotes.  We can compile them from information we receive from you.  For situations requiring more assurance, we can prepare reviewed financial statements.

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Start up Services

Whether you are starting up a new business or considering changing the legal form of it, we can help you out.  We can:

  • Help you decide on the most suitable form to operate your business in, whether a proprietorship, LLC, partnership or a type of corporation.
  • Form your LLC or corporation, if needed.
  • Prepare other start up forms, such as business license forms, applications for Employer identification number and various start up payroll forms.
  • Act as your company registered agent, if desired.

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Payroll Services

We provide after the fact payroll services tailored to your needs.  (For information on Payroll Professionals, the payroll service bureau, click here.)

Generally, clients wanting after the fact payroll services write their own paychecks and keep a payroll journal.  We then prepare quarterly payroll reports for them and annual reports and forms, such as W-2s.

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 Estate Administration

Should the need arise, we can assist a personal representative or executor with filing the reports required by the Register of Wills.  This includes the inventory and the annual or first and final accounting for the estate.

We also prepare Federal and State Estate returns and Federal and State fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts.  (See Income Tax Return Preparation, above.)

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