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Progar & Company, P.A. CPAs

Calendar of Events

Progar & Company, P.A. provides professional services all year, but we have seasons in which some services are emphasized more than others based on due dates and the consequent workload.

Major Seasons

  • W-2 and 1099 season
    Season Description
    Primarily during the Month of January.  We assist our clients with the preparation of W-2s and 1099s.  We also do year end Delaware gross receipts reports at this time.
  • Tax Season
    Season Description
    Extends from the month of January through April 15th (or the current due date as adjusted for weekends and/or holidays). This is the time period in which the majority of corporate, individual, partnership and fiduciary returns are prepared if they are to be completed by their original due dates.
  • Post Tax Season
    Season Description
    Loosely covers the period from April 15th through October 15th. During this period, we set up and train businesses on Quickbooks, consult with clients on tax matters and complete extended tax returns or those with non-calendar year ends.
  • Tax Planning Season
    Season Description
    Loosely covers the period from October 15th through December 31st. We set up and train clients with businesses on Quickbooks, do tax projections and tax planning and prepare businesses for the coming year end.  We provide excellent after the fact bookkeeping services, too.

Upcoming Events

  • Tax Planning season
    Let us help you prepare for the end of the 2013 tax year.  We can straighten out your Quickbooks records to get you ready for the upcoming tax season.  We can project your taxes for year end to minimize any penalties for underpayment and help you to budget for anything due for the year.   We can see what you can do to minimize your taxes for the year.  Maybe this is a good time to buy that piece of equipment you want or need.
  • Tax Season
    Let us prepare your individual or business tax returns.  We can prepare financial statements for your business at the same time.  Many banks need these to support your business loan.